The Babenhausen Kaserne

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The Red Dragoons
1869 -


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An original photo of the Red Dragoons,

this photo was taken at about1899

The Red Dragoons
1869 - 1891

  • Three Squadrons were stationed at Babenhausen in this time.
  • They called the Babenhausen Castle their home.
  • Babenhausen invested thousands of Reichsmark to meet the infrastructure needs, building Stables, Barracks, a Riding Hall, Kitchens, Officers Quarters, a Jail, Latrines and a small Hospital.
  • Babenhausen prospered, growing to a large and wealthy community through out the greater region.
  • After the ending of the fall maneuvers of 1891, the Dragoons got their orders to move on to Darmstadt.
thus leaving Babenhausen without any military, and less income......this would make the city council rethink their position, thus laying down plans for the Babenhausen Kaserne, which would be built 10 years later......

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The Schloss Caserne, home of the Dragoons

The Schloss Caserne, 1888

        The roofing on the Caserne walls were the Stables,built to meet the "Dragoon standards"

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Another picture of the Schloss, the Stables were dismantled after the departure in 1891

The newly built "Reitbahnhalle", a riding hallThis building was torn down sometime in the 80's

a look at the "Reitbahnhalle" from the Schloss Caserne. For those who know Babenhausen, the B26 (the road to Darmstadt), and train tracks  are now behind the buildings.

A section of the Red Dragoons in 1888


Pictures of German Dragoons

All photos: source Internet

The mounted squadron
Dragoon warfare was obsolete at the latest of 1915, as WWIwas the first fought Industrial war, thus having minim
um advance, and gruesome trench warfare

Dragoons in WWI

A troop parade in Berlin

German Postcard

A Dragoon Troop enters a small Town in Baden Wuertenberg



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