The Babenhausen Kaserne

           Sports on Post


Motorsports on Post

©Peter Reining


©Peter Reining



©-HGV Babenhausen

Babenhausen Stock car races
From the early 70's to the early 80's Babenhausen had a Stock car racetrack out on the pooltable, even the "Ladies got to race calling it the "Powder Puff in 1974.


Football on Post

©223rd BSB

The Babenhausen YA Cheerleaders

All photos © Marion Young

The post football team.
The gun park is in the background
- 1952 -

Post football team practice
- 1952 -

The Babenhausen Rammers
- 1954 -


The Rammers at Bryce Norton Air Base,
 London England
- 1953-

The Rammers at Bryce Norton Air Base,

 London England
- 1953-

Bad news Rammers....




   ©Marion Young  

Playing ball on post


"Tug o War"

Lets pull a little harder guys
The Rod & Gun Club in the background

   ©Lars Hagen 

"Chariot races"

©Robert Austin

©Robert Austin


Soccer on Post


Rugby on Post

©Terry Johnson

Babenhausen Rugby Team


Softball on Post

©Richard Kinkade

WETSU - Another tournament championship in 1985

This was the first softball team 84 - 85 our motto was WETSU (we eat this Sh_T up) we won the first ever Roberto Clemente Tournament in Darmstadt.

C 4/27 FA softball team of 1994

SGT. Woodruff, Chad Wooster, Glen Dale, Jason Pratt, Buddy Wayne Collins, CPL. Funk, Daniel Cannon, Richard Kopf, Kenny Toms, PFC. Zappia, SGT. Pfab, SPC. Templer, SGT. ????, Captain Darfler, Rusty Abrams (Schaad)


The Babenhausen Ballpark


The German Baseball club
 Blue De

Nola Maloney throws the first pitch

to cap off the 2007 German Baseball season

Nola Malony receives the first pitch ball

All photos ©

D.J. McKenna (left) presents a gift of thanks to CPT Mark Stackle, the last Doctor stationed on post.
CPT Stackle was instrumental in helping the local Softball team.


Baseball on Post

©223rd BSB


©223rd BSB

©Janie Highsmith

"Shortstop" Janie Highsmith at the Baseballfield.
Behind her is the "Tank road", where we used to watch the Guns rumble by.



The Babenhausen "Twins"
I'm in the front row, third from the right


Sports Day


Babenhausen Soldiers and their German counterparts participated in Track & Field and Swimming
at the Babenhausen Swimming pool and Soccer field.

All photos © VdR Aschaffenburg

Special thanks to the VDR Aschaffenburg for providing these pictures


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