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I would like to thank:

  • Nola Maloney (233rd BSB)
  • Teri Viedt (233rd BSB)
  • Brigitte O'Preska (Public Affairs)
  • Jenifer Stepp  ( Stars and Stripes)
  • Herbert Spiehl (HSB)
  • Walter Fehrensen
  • Georg Wittenberger (HGV Babenhausen)
  • Marion Young (519th FA)
  • Walter Elkins
  • Gary Katz (HHB 4/77FA)
  • Shane Motty (C 1/27FA)
  • Erik Asher (B 1/27FA)
  • Lars Hagen (1/38 FA - 36FA GP)
  • Clint Walker (A 2/5 FA)
  • Wayne Dixon (HHQ 36FA GP)
  • David McLain (C 1/27 FA)
  • The Babenhausen Veterans & Friends
  • Walter Duke (2/5 FA)
  • Bob Zebell (2/5 FA)
  • Fritz Hohmann
  • Dick Boes (5th 77th FA)
  • Robert Austin (CSM 2nd 5th FA)
  • Walter Leon (36th FA GP)
  • Martin Stenger (TU Darmstadt)
  • John Frye (14th QM BN)
  • David Hayslett (C 1/27 FA)
  • Justin Ferrante (4/27 FA)
  • Terry Overturf (545 ORD CO)
  • Scott Copeland (545 ORD CO)
  • Robert McMillin (545 ORD CO)
  • James Rush (545 ORD CO)
  • Don Henderson (545 ORD CO)
  • Terry Johnson (2/5 FA)
  • Winfried Stecher (VdR Aschaffenburg)
  • Verband der Reservisten Aschaffenburg
  • Mike Reed (2/5 FA)
  • Ted Bennett (545th ORD CO)
  • Kevin McCourt (545th ORD CO)
  • Frau Sames (Gemeindearchiv Muenster)
  • Richard Little (545th ORD CO)
  • John Hill (545TH ORD CO)
  • Steve Scott (SVC 2/5 FA)
  • Richard Kinkade (4/77 FA)
  • Kevin Cheatham (184th Ord Co Muenster)
  • John MCKnight (2/5 FA / 4/77 FA)
  • Paul Shea (4/77 FA)
  • Helmut Mewes (Babenhausen)
  • Tim Beach (Babenhausen)
  • Carl Akers (232nd Signal Co.)
  • Matt Alexander (6th MP Co.)
  • Charles Grisim (1/38 Artillery)
  • Osvaldo Colon-Melendez (B 1/27 FA)
  • Gene Langford (2nd 5th FA)
  • Steve Porath (C Battery 2nd 5th FA)
  • Kenny Kemper (SVC 2nd 5th  FA)
  • 233rd BSB
  • Marcus W. Morrow (2nd 5th FA)
  • Tom Gilmartin (HQ 1st MSL BN 38th FA)
  • Joseph & Mike Tolva
  • Fred Terry (HHB 36th Arty Gp)
  • Gregory S Mixon (A Battery 2nd 77th FA)
  • Torivio Flores (HQ Battery 2nd HOW 5th FA)
  • Joseph & Mike Tolva (C Battery 2nd 5th FA)
  • Mark Rittinger (4th 77th FA)
  • Ken Sims (4th 77th FA)
  • Duane Lempke (BN Co 2nd 83th FA)
  • Guy Billauer & Linda Levi (JDC)

    for their help and assistance in completing this website.


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Donald McKenna


My Web Links:

  • Verband der Reservisten, Kreisgruppe Aschaffenburg.
  •  The homepage of the German reserve partner units of the 77th Maintenanace CO. and 1st 27th Fa

  • Probably the best web page, concerning US Army history in Germany:


American Jewish Joint Distribution Committee

  • Yad Vashem

  • The United States Holocaust Memorial Museum


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