The Babenhausen Kaserne

              Post Womans Club


Mrs. Kuckhahn, the newly elected Committee Chairman of the Babenhausen Womans Club.

Mrs. Kuckhan, Mrs. Anderson, Mrs. Fitzgerald, Mrs. Boyd,

Mrs. Young Mrs. Shaffer, Mrs Baugh

(L to R)

April 2 1953

Christmas on post

- 1953 -


Santa asks what the tots want for Christmas at a party at the 36th FA Group Service club in Babenhausen

Christmas 1953

Santa Claus gave toys to dependent children of the Babenhausen Kaserne at a party held in the Service club.

OWC members at the Bowling Alley,

Babenhausen Kaserne 1955

Easter on Post in 1957

Note: the housing building on the left

Mary Boes in front of her home.

- 1963 -

©Dick Boes

Mary Boes at the Officers Wives Fashion show

- 1963 -

Mary Boes

- 1963-

Note: the silver Porsche......well worth a lot of money today


©Terry Johnson

The OWC at the Fashings parade

Nan Wilkens, Sharon Clewell, Jan Reck and Marilyn Johnson



OWC Activities


Babenhausen Post Nursery 1956


Officers Wives Club  bulletin from 1970


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