The Babenhausen Kaserne

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All photos © Janie Highsmith
@ Babenhausen 1974 -77

The duplex in Babenhausen.
Top right window was my room.
 If you look really close you can see a doll house.

Babenhausen 74-77


All photos © Terry G. Johnson
@ Babenhausen 1973 - 76

Marilyn Johnson with Cindy at the playground behind our quarters

Steve and Cindy at the playground behind our quarters

Steve and Cindy

Terry, Steve and Cindy Johnson

 Steve Johnson and a friend

Cindy Johnson


All photos © Donald J. McKenna
    @ Babenhausen 1970-74

 My Sister and me in front of the rod & gun club 1971

My Sister and I in 1973

My baseball team 1973

My Sister 1972

     The Mckenna Kids     
Babenhausen 1972

Mrs. & Mr. Donald J. McKenna Jr. at their wedding on post in 1988. 
Chaplain Clifton Craft gave us his blessing

Capt. Cutshaw, Co, 545th Ord co (Left) 
and CWO D.J. McKenna
 at a German Army function
    -Darmstadt 1973-

Dad's Promotion to CW2
Mom and me on the right.
-Fort Riley 1968-

Mom & Dad
New years at the Officers club

My host nation teacher Mrs. Kunz

Mrs. Kunz and I at the Babenhausen elementary school
 in Oct. 2010


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