The Babenhausen Kaserne

            Kaserne History

2nd Battalion 61st FA Regiment
of the Grand Duke of Hessen


The flag of the German Empire from 1871 - 1918

The Grand Coat of Arms of his Majesty the Kaiser
1871 - 1918

The Small Coat of Arms of his Majesty the Kaiser
1871 - 1918


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A pay book (Soldbuch) of a soldier of the 2/61 FA.

German soldiers had their personal records and all war postings in these books.

The 2nd Battalion 61st Field Artillery Regiment arrives at Babenhausen.
-October 1 1901-

A picture postcard showing the 2/61


Major Richard Friese
Commander of the 2/61st FA.


A "Blitzbattery" of the 2/61 in 1914

Soldiers of the 61 FA at Babenhausen


Musicians of the 61st Fa.


WORLD WAR I   1914-1918

"the war to end all wars"

-August 7th 1914- WAR!!
Grand Duke Ernst Ludwig of Hessen and his Wife sees off the 61st Fa Regiment. The Regiment was off to France and would return back to Babenhausen in 1918 to be deactivated.

The Coat of Arms of the State of Hessen


-Going to War-

The 2/61 FA leaves for France per train in August 1914.
Leaving behind loved ones with the motto "we will be back by Christmas", they would return in 1918 after a long and bloody war.

2/61 FA was deactivated in 1919.

A Battery of the 2/61 somewhere in France

Regimental Linage of the

Großherzoglich Hessische (25.) Division
2. Großherzoglich Hessisches Feldartillerie-Regiment Nr. 61

during World War 1

20.08.1914:   Battle of Longlier
22.08.–23.08.1914: Battle of Neufchâteau
22.08.1914:  Battles of Maissin, Anloy, Bertrix, Ochamps
23.08.1914:  Bois de Saupont, Nouvelly des Loups
24.08.–29.08.1914: Battle of the Maas
24.08.1914: Matton
26.08.1914: Brévilly
27.08.1914: Villers devant Mouzon
28.08.1914: Autrecourt
30.08.–05.09.1914: deployed from the Maas to the Marne
31.08.1914: Sy
02.09.1914: Beaurepaire und Olizy
04.09.1914: Herpont
05.09.1914: Vanault les Dames
06.09.–12.09.1914: Battle of Marne
06.09.1914: Etreppy, Pargny, Alliancelles
07.09.1914: Pargny, Sermaize
08.09.1914: Cheminon la Ville
08.09.–09.09.1914: Maurupt et le Montoy, Pargny
10.09.1914:  Maurupt et le Montoy
15.09.–22.09.1914:  Reims
23.09.–06.10.1914: Battles in the Somme region
10.10.1914–18.10.1915: Battles near Roye
29.10.–02.11.1914:  Le Quesnoy
05.11.–04.12.1914: Battles in the Fouquescourt and near the Route d'Amiens
20.12.1914–08.02.1915: Battles in the Avre sector and Beuvraignes
09.02.–18.10.1915: Battles in the Lihons and Parvillers regions
20.10.1915–31.01.1916: Rear area. R&R
02.02.–20.02.1916: Battles of Verdun
21.02.–28.04.1916: Battle of Verdun
22.02.1916: Capture of the Caures-Forrest (Verdun)
24.02.1916:  Capture of Beaumont
25.02.–26.02.1916: Capture of Louvemont-Lines and the Pfefferruecken
27.02.–21.03.1916: Battles of the Chauffour- und Albain-Forrests
11.04.–28.04.1916: Battle of Fort Douaumont
17.05.–10.09.1916: Battle in the Aisne region
13.09.–01.10.1916: Battle of the Somme
05.10.–14.11.1916: Fighting in the  Maas und Mosel regions; Battles in the Maashights and Spada, St. Mihiel, and in the Apremont und Ailly forrests.
09.12.1916–15.03.1917: Fighting in the Somme
16.03.–04.06.1917: Battle of the Siegfriedfront
27.06.–10.09.1917: Battle of the Siegfriedstellung
21.09.–12.10.1917: Fall Battles in Flanders
14.10.–06.11.1917: Borderprotection in the Belgum & Holland borders.
15.11.–03.12.1917: Battle of Flanders
04.12.1917–20.03.1918: Training and R&R for the "Great Battle of  France"
21.03.–06.04.1918: the "Great Battle of  France"
21.03.–22.03.1918: Breakthrough between Gouzeaucourt and Vermand
23.03.–26.03.1918: "Mopping up" in the Somme region
24.03.1918: Fighting near Bouchavesnes and the capture of the Marières-Forrest
25.03.1918: Capture of the Maurepas hights
27.03.–29.03.1918: Fighting near Cérisy and Morcourt
07.04.–18.04.1918: Fighting in the Ancre, Somme und Avre regions.
20.04.–17.07.1918: Fighting in Flanders
05.08.–10.08.1918: Ypern-La Bassée
22.08.–02.09.1918: Battle of Albert-Péronne
03.09.–10.09.1918: Fighting near the Siegfriedfront
08.09.–10.09.1918: the defence of Cambrai und St. Quentin,
15.10.–26.10.1918: Battle of the Hermannstellung
29.10.–04.11.1918: Fighting for Valenciennes
05.11.–11.11.1918: Retreating from the Antwerpen-Maas-Lines
12.11.1918–11.01.1919: Retreating from France, returning to Darmstadt and Babenhausen deactivation in 1919....

 German Iron Cross

Falsely seen as a Nazi Decoration,
 the Iron Cross was actually first instated in 1814

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News from 1914 - 1918

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On the eve of the war declaration on Russia
July 31st 1914

• August 1: Germany, an ally of Austria-Hungary, declares war on Russia and demands the neutrality of Russia's ally France;France refuses and mobilises.
• August 3: Germany declares war on France.
• August 4: Germany invades neutral Belgium, as per the
Schlieffen plan to knock-put France; Britain responds by declaring war on Germany.

Thus starting a long and bloody war......

The Proclamation from German Kaiser Wilhelm II
  addressing the German Reichstag in Berlin
August 4th, 1914

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The Kaiser would leave Germany for Holland, never to return to Germany, he died in Holland while in exile in 1941

Portrait of Kaiser Whilhelm II

Armistice came into effect at the;
11th hour,
of the 11th day,
of the 11th month
of 1918

 Ending WWI

All photos taken at the Museum Historial De La Grande Guerre
Peronne France


Standard German Field Artillery in WWI

2/61 used the standard 7.7 cm FK 96 field gun. Later on, the longer ranged, but heavier FK 16-7.7cm field gun was used.


The monument of the 2nd Battalion 61st FA Regiment of the Grand Duke of Hessen in downtown Babenhausen

Historians will recognize the battles.
The Verdun and Somme battles were the bloodiest in the 20th century, summing up to 1.8 million casualties in both battles.


"This is a war to end all wars"

American President Woodrow Wilson
(Wilson made the strophe famous, but he was not the first one who used it -
 the British novelist H.G. Wells invented it)

 "Only the dead have seen the end of war"

George Santayana, Spanish-American philosopher, in a counter to Wilson's words


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