The Babenhausen Kaserne

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The Rod & Gun Club


The Rod & Gun club patch 1972.

The Babenhausen
Rod & Gun Club

in 1972

The Babenhausen Rod & Gun club was on the outside of post,
 on the woods edge on the „pool table“ training site.

The Rod & Gun club then featured:
  • 10 station mini golf course
  • trap site
  • double tower skeet site (high-low towers)
  • rifle range 
  • pistol range
  • playground
  • outdoor picknick area

Back in1972 a soda pop cost .5 c and a cheeseburger
was .25 c., so a family could eat out for 2-3$.

As a kid I was the “pull boy” at the skeet site for the shooters and collected all missed clay pidgins afterwards, some shooters payed me 25c some only 5c (these cheapskates).
The highlite was when the Army was at the rifle range, we collected the casings and clips after they were gone.

The Rod and Gun club was closed sometime in the late 70’s or early 80’s, at that time there were R&G clubs in A’Burg-Hanau-Darmstadt-Rhein Main AFB just to name a few.


©Steve Scott

The Rod & Gun club in 1974

©HGV Babenhausen

The Rod & Gun club in 1979


The site where the Rod & Gun club used to be


The Rifle and Pistol ranges were about here,
 to the right of the ranges was the mini golf course


A look where the minni golf course was,
the Hawk site was in the background.


The skeet and trap ranges were here.
The Kaserne is far behind to the left.


My Sister and I in front of the Rod & Gun club in 1972.
Portions of the Hawk site and Kaserne can be seen behind us.

©Dick Boes

Jules Budny & Herb Wasom at the Rod & Gun Club
- 1963 -


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