The Babenhausen Kaserne

                Post Pictures

Do you know whats wrong with these Pictures?


 Please Compare this original picture of the HQ Building........

          with this one...............

The corrected Picture


The Mess hall

This original picture taken from the HQ 2nd / 5th Building .....
The 2nd / 5th mess hall is on the right side.
Note, the Building in the background.........

Is the same, with part of the 2nd / 5th mess hall seen on the left.

The corrected Picture


The Chapel

This is an original picture of the post Chapel.
As far a I can remember,
the Building next to the Chapel, seen on the right, was always on the left.....

Like here....or did they tear down a building....?

The corrected Picture


The PX & EM club

This Original Picture from 1959 shows the Water tower, the EM club, and the Post exchange
(Left to Right)

The corrected Picture


So what happened?
A Photographer explained to me that sometimes Negatives were accidentally placed reversed while developing the Pictures, thus producing a reversed picture.


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