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14th Quartermaster Battalion


of the




The 14th Quartermaster Battalion was originally constituted in 1941 as the 61st Quartermaster Battalion; called to active duty in 1942 and deployed to Europe where it participated in the Northern France and Rhineland campaigns. The battalion was inactivated November 1946, in Germany; then in 1947, reactivated in Japan for a short period.

The battalion was redesignated 18 Nov 1948 as HQ & HQ Detachment, 14th Quartermaster Battalion, activated January 1949 at Fort Bragg, NC, ordered to Europe and stationed in Hanau, Germany.
In July 1958, HHD, 14th QM Bn moved to Babenhausen, Germany with temporary headquarters in nearby Muenster.

Subordinate units at the time were:
22nd QM Co, (Subs Supply) Hanau
134th QM Co (Mobile Bakery) Babenhausen
471st QM Co (Salvage) Muenster
506th QM Co (POL Supply) Hanau
3761st QM Co (Fld Maint) Hanau
7481st QM Co (Fld Maint) Wuerzburg

Effective 1 Oct 1958, HHD, 14th QM Bn was detached from 2nd QM Gp (Munich) and attached to Hanau Provisional Gp (redesignated 6th QM Gp, 1 Dec 1958), with responsibility for QM support of US Army Europe's Northern Area Command.
Effective 14 Sep 1961 the battalion was reorganized and redesignated 14th Quartermaster Battalion (Direct Support) with responsibility for providing QM direct support to V (US) Corps.

The 14th's subordinate units were concurrently reorganized and redesignated Companies A (Babenhausen) and B (Hanau). Each company was designed with capabilities to provide petroleum supply, subsistence supply, laundry & bath, graves registration, and equipment maintenance support (for corps and divisional units in their area of operations capabilities.

Company A provided direct support to the 3rd Infantry Division as well as other Corps units, operated the mobile bakery in Babenhausen, Class I and Class III supply points in Aschaffenburg, and QM clothing sales stores. Company B provided direct support to the 3rd Armored and 8th Infantry Divisions as well as other Corps units, operated the Hanau tank farm, field maintenance yard.

The HHD provided command, control and typical battalion headquarters staff support (S1-4), with its own personnel, finance, and legal sections.
The battalion was 100% mobile and tested its capabilities monthly through operational readiness tests and quarterly through command post and field training exercises. During this period, theater-wide equipment modernization/upgrades provided soldiers with a new gas mask (the M17 field protective mask), and the NATO standard 7.64 mm M14 rifle and M60 machine guns as replacements for caliber .30 M1 rifles, and .30/.50 caliber machine guns respectively.

Effective 2 Aug 1965, as part of the COSTAR reorganization of technical services, the 14th QM Bn (DS) was redesignated 14th Supply & Service Bn (GS) (Fwd); Companies A and B were concurrently reorganized and redesignated 24th Service Co and 18th Supply Co, respectively. HHD remained in Babenhausen until 30 Jun 1967, when it was moved to Pioneer Kaserne, Hanau.
Effective 2 Jun 1969 the 14th was reorganized as the 14th S&S Bn.
The battalion was inactivated 13 Oct 1972 at Bremerhaven, Germany.

14th QM CO

The Commanders


LTC Charles A. Easton
1958 - 1961

LTC Ralph James Webb
1961 - 1962

LTC Herbert H. Price
1962 - 1963

LTC Sam Meadow
1963 - 1965

LTC Robert E. Huber
1965 - ?

HHD 14th Quartermaster Battalion

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Maj Gross, LtCol Easton and Cpt Phillips in the field

Mrs. and Lt Col Easton
at their fairwell party
Babenhausen Officers club

Mrs Gross, Mrs. and Lt Col Easton
at the Easton fairwell party
Babenhausen Officers club

LTC Charles A. Easton

Lt Col Easton
Change of command

The reviewing party arrives

Change of command
the reviewing stand

HHD 14th QM CO
Pass in review

134th QM CO
Pass in review

22nd QM CO
Pass in review

511th QM Co
Pass in review

The Battalion is formed
MaJ Gross and the Battalion stand at attention
Change of command



14th QM Barracks




The Building on the right was last the Post APO


CW4 Perry Seman

John Mangram
S2, 14th QM Bn

Pfc Kunkle and the Personnal gang

CW4 Ratzel, Pfc Fitzner and an unknown soldier
 presenting the unit crest

SSgt Primo J. Marconi
Personnel Sgt. 14th QM Bn

Tom Locke
Co A Bread Baker

Tom Traficante and John Frye
GP HQ Building


Ploski on the balcony,
14th QM, HQ building in the rear

Newman, Leg and Pennington
 at the swimmbad Gasthaus

Lt. Barbe

S3, Sfc Young, unknown,
Msg Carrick and Cpt. Chester Peterson

Jim Sutton

"The Gang"

HHD eyes right

HHD formation
July 1961

Wally Johnson field promotion

Bob Slater on the post perimeter

Steve Costalas sets up his 30 cal

James G. Newman

Arthur Arnst and Ken Davis

George Ullman

134th QM CO Award Ceremony

Charlie Jordan

Wally Johnson and Bill Luhrs

Jerry Katz and Jerry Marx at a downtown gasthaus

Coatalas, Cooper Slater and Newman

A USO show at the EM club

At the Rod & Gun Club

Steve Costalas

Jerry Marx

Willie Brewster and his visiting Brother
(nice car)

Bill Luhrs (2nd from Left) and his Buddies
(Could be at the Rod and Gun club)

Wally Johnson, Steve Costalas Mrs.Butler and SFC Butler

SGM Avila and Bill Luhrs at the EM Club

Jerry Katz, Finance

Harvy Hellams

Dan Iavagnilo and Ken Gibson

Ken Davis and Wesina dancing

Bill Luhrs - Shorttimer


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